Chetanya de Wit – Why we just can’t manage to lose weight. Unmask our addiction behavior.


Printed, Dutch language book



Most of us are aware that we have a number of habitual behaviors that make us feel unhappy but that we seem to repeat over and over. For example, we have all kinds of pattern behaviors around food. We know very well that the way of eating and the choices we make are based on an internal urge that we feed and the feeling that this gives us.

What can you expect in this book:

–  You will understand why you have not been able to stop eating and / or lose weight so far. It is not up to you at all, you simply did not have the correct information at your disposal.

–  You learn to master a step-by-step plan that will ensure that you will succeed in healthy weight loss this time. You are entitled to a healthy, happy and vital life.

– You will see that the mechanism that in this case prevents you from being able to lose weight, actually applies to many things in your life.

– You will then take control of your life again, determine direction again using your talents and passions. In this way you learn to create your own momentum in life, increase your self-esteem, discover your talents and much more.

Pre-order now! You get a discount of 7.50 euros on the book. The book is expected in December 2020 so that everyone can enter 2021 healthy and permanently vital.


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