Chetanya de Wit

We can change, become happy and loved

  • Do you want to stop your addictive behaviour for good, lose weight in a healthy way, quit smoking and stop drinking too much? Then this is the book for you!
  • Are you eager to discover your talents and uncover your true potential? Then don’t wait any longer!
  • Do you want to know if there is such a thing as the soul, and would you like to make a connection with your soul? Then this is a must read!

 This powerful debut proves Chetanya’s exceptional qualities, which she has been applying in her practice as a business strategist, visionary and coach for many years. We can change, be happy and loved will allow people, who have been struggling for years with the same patterns in their lives, to make actual progress and be happy and loved!

About the author

Chetanya de Wit –  Medical Doctor, Medium and Cultural Anthropologist

Chetanya has been traveling the world for many years to deploy her visionary capacities on a commercial basis as a business strategist and coach. In addition, she helps leaders become better leaders and provides clients with targeted solutions to make major changes in their lives.

She is an avid traveler, after having lived with her family in Bucharest (Romania) in recent years, she exchanged her residence for Budapest (Hungary) last summer.

Chetanya de Wit

We can change, become happy and loved

The book helps us to settle the score, once and for all, with the experiences from our past that have greatly impacted our lives – experiences that often seem to have drastically altered our personality and our path in life.

We learn how to break through these patterns and turn them into a new life path, where happiness, love and opportunities become the focus. We learn how to analyse our family structure with its fixed themes, and how we can gradually clear up our pattern behaviours and break away from our old personality.

We will get to know our true identity and reach our ‘conscious’ personality. We will learn to understand why we have become who we are, and why change is now within reach. We will see which choices have to be made to achieve this, and how we can do so effortlessly. Direct answers from the cosmos will help us to make a rapid transition and realise change. Change has never been so easily achieved – we can change, be happy and loved.

We can change and become happy and loved.

Chetanya de Wit

The road to successful leadership, the birth of a leader

This way of ultimately coming to terms with the power of our seventh sense, the sense of the Conscious Mind and from that direction, giving meaning and purpose to something is what I have been occupying myself with as a Arts, Medium and business strategist for years.

Real leaders will first start introspection, look back on the source of our existence through limitations and shortcomings. Rediscovering the core value of life and becoming aware of trauma, pattern and coping behavior.

In this way, we can initiate a change process that brings us closer to our conscious strength and value and brings about momentum, efficiency and productivity based on talent and intention.

Not only towards ourselves but also towards our environment.


From this author even more has appeared

  • The birth of a leader, the road to successful leadership.

This year the following books appear:

  • Relieve the Addict
  • Meeting the soul and In 10 steps to our highest consciousness

Chetanya regularly gives trainings and masterclasses such as:

  • The road to successful Leadership
  • Relieve the Addict
  • Meeting with the Soul and In 10 steps to our highest consciousness

In line with this, she gives lectures and public speakinga.

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