Chetanya de Wit – The road to successful leadership, the birth of a leader


Printed, Dutch language book


This way of ultimately coming to terms with the power of our seventh sense, the sense of the Conscious Mind and from that direction, giving meaning and purpose to something is what I have been occupying myself with as a Arts, Medium and business strategist for years. Real leaders will first start introspection, look back on the source of our existence through limitations and shortcomings.

Rediscovering the core value of life and becoming aware of trauma, pattern and coping behavior. In this way, we can initiate a change process that brings us closer to our conscious strength and value and brings about momentum, efficiency and productivity based on talent and intention.

Not only towards ourselves but also towards our environment.

The book is only available in Dutch and the translation in English will come in a couple of months.

ISBN: 9786150070988


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