Chetanya de Wit – We can change, being happy and loved


Printed, Dutch language book


This book helps us to definitively deal with those experiences from our past that have had a major impact on our lives.  Experiences that often seem to have forever changed our personality and life path. We learn how we can break this line and turn it into a new path of life, where happiness, love and possibilities comes first. We learn how we can dissect our family structure with the stuck themes and how we gradually can clean up our pattern behavior and get rid of our old personality.  We come to know our true identity and end up with our “conscious” personality.

We learn to understand why we have become who we are and why we can change now. We will see what choices we have to make for this and how we can do that without much effort. The direct answers from the cosmos help us to make a very fast transition and realize that changing has never been easier.

We can change and be happy and loved.

The book is only available in Dutch and the translation in English will come in a couple of months.

ISBN 9786150068640


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